Weddings & Partnerships

‘I've learned two things in my life. One that love is the beginning and end of all meaning. And two that it is the same thing whatever shape our souls have taken on this journey. Love is love. Is love.’ -

It's your Day!

a Wedding as unique as you are!

Celebrant-led wedding/partnership ceremonies aren’t constrained by legal process*; they’re all about you expressing your love for each other in your own special way.

I will work closely with you, to design a ceremony that celebrates your unique love story in your unique style!  This can be as traditional or as alternative as you like or anywhere in-between; let your imagination and creativity run wild! 

How have you always pictured your perfect day?  Maybe you’d like some of the more traditional elements, such as walking down an aisle and exchanging vows and/or rings, but with some personal twists no one else would think of?  

Maybe you have a special theme or ‘alternative’ location in mind?  Perhaps you like the idea of a hand-fasting, ‘tying the knot’ or jumping the broom?  Are there children or other family members or special friends you’d like to involve in the ceremony somehow, to symbolise how important they are to your relationship?  

Apart from any poetry, prose and music you might want, you can also choose exactly what you want to say to each other in vows or promises – you  can write your own or I can help, if needed.  You may have plenty of ideas of your own: a group song, a flash-mob, a haka, your rings delivered by owl?!  The sky’s the limit (wedding in a plane, anyone?!) – let’s talk about how to make your day like no other!

Don’t be like all the rest, darling!

Your wedding, your wishes

Especially for You

There may also, of course, be practical reasons why you are looking for something other than the standard religious or civil ceremony:

I can design a ceremony that gives you exactly what you want – no restrictions and no preconceptions – including whatever beliefs, symbols, cultures and traditions are meaningful to you.  This is your love, to be celebrated your way!  

My Fees

From £650

(£150 deposit, to secure the date in my diary; a further £250, upon completion of first draft of ceremony and £250 balance, to be paid a calendar month before the event).

The fee covers my travel within a 30 mile radius of Haywards Heath, but for any greater distance, I will need to make a charge for the additional mileage.

*The legal bit

If you do want your marriage to be legal, then – as the law currently stands – you must still register it in a short procedure at a Register Office, either before or after (and not necessarily on the same day as) your main personalised ceremony.

During this process, you must both say the declaratory and contractual words (just 41 of them!), required by law; sign the register in the presence of 2 witnesses and you will then receive your legal marriage certificate. This no-frills procedure takes about ten minutes and currently costs around £60.

Want to know more?

I would love to help start creating something really special for you.